Listen: Ranges – “And the People Cried Out for a King”

Ranges impressed quite a few people, including myself, with their last album “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” and they’re riding their momentum with a follow-up EP “And the People Cried Out for a King”.

If you had a chance to check out A Thousand Arms’ “Open Languages” compilation, you’ve already heard half of this EP. “Crown” is a beautiful song with a surprisingly catchy melody. It reminds me of the old hymns I would hear at church as a child; which is befitting for the EP’s theme, referring to God’s people demanding a government system, only to screw themselves over by said system.

“Kingdom” is what really grabs me, though. It’s thoroughly dynamic, the sound really stands out much more than anything else they’ve ever done. Everything else feels so subdued now. They all strike with a full force that is greater than the sum of their parts, it all flows so much better,  and the composition is miles ahead of their former selves. Both the album and the artwork are beautiful, with screen-printed sleeves for the royal blue 7” vinyl.

“And the People Cried Out for a King” marks Ranges’ vinyl debut, and the debut of a new chapter as a band. I had a chance to talk to the band during their recent tour, and they told me they’ve drastically changed the way they make music, which is why this EP is so different. This 7” is akin to This Will Destroy You’s “Moving on the Edges of Things” in terms of heralding a new sound. This next album is bound to be Ranges’ “Tunnel Blanket” and I look forward to this new album more earnestly than I ever have before.

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