Listen: Pseudo/Sentai – “Werewolf Casey”

Brooklyn based experimental rock duo Pseudo/Sentai have released a preview track from their upcoming album, “Enter the Sentai”. Check out new song “Werewolf Casey” and the brilliantly cheesy superhero inspired artwork.

Their last album Bansheeface was one of the strangest albums I heard last year, and consequently one of my favourites. Their madcap style of dense, chaotic experimental prog was paired with a carousel of home-brewed sounds including 8-bit bleeps, ultra busy guitar tracks, countless individual vocal parts and a dizzying array of electronic noises all stacked on top of each other like a pile-up at a spaceport. Oh yes, and the whole thing was also a rock opera about interstellar angels and an army of seal people. It would’ve been an absolute trainwreck were it not for the fact that the songs were actually really, really good. The band displays an off-kilter but very strong sense of melody and while the instrumentation is all over the place, the songwriting is incredibly tight- moving through genres, ideas and narratives with the precision of an X-Wing pilot through the Death Star trench. Bansheeface was one of the most original, memorable and downright fun albums of 2015 and if the new song is anything to go by “Enter the Sentai” is set to follow in its footsteps.

“Werewolf Casey” follows the same rules as frenzied full throttle rockers like “March of the Selkies” and the title track from the previous album: never stay on one melody for more than twenty seconds and never settle for one vocal/guitar part when you could easily squeeze in a dozen. Most importantly make sure every hook, every line, every damn note is so deliriously catchy and adrenaline-soaked that it will bore its way into listener’s brains and never, ever leave. The opening seconds hurtle from swaggering bluesy riff to lurching sci-fi soundtrack and back, sounding like the backing music to a particularly frantic boss fight on some forgotten SNES game. The ominous chanted vocals and gurgling guitar orchestra that follow create such an impossibly dense mass of noise that “wall of sound” barely does it justice. The song echoes and crackles as though the band are rocking out on the other side of a wormhole in some alien city. While it’s being destroyed by giant robots. Through it all the incessant vocal melody twists and distorts, threading its way through the maelstrom to the song’s abrupt, violent conclusion.

Bansheeface was a very diverse album, so I wouldn’t want to draw too many conclusions about the new album from this one track. It’s clear though that Pseudo/Sentai are still making music on a wavelength that’s entirely their own, and if you can attune your ears to their particular brand of madness then you’re in for one hell of a ride.

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