Listen: Our Oceans – “Our Oceans”

When I heard that certain Exivious members where going to be part of a new singer-songwriter project, I got into a state of anxiety. There are two things that I really appreciate in music, and those are technical skill and good songwriting, and few acts manage to do both very well. I listened to the first song “What If” when it was released, but it didn’t really speak to me right from the get-go, so I’ve been holding my breath for almost three weeks now. I crossed so many fingers hoping they weren’t going to be totally dull, and I believe my finger-crossing worked because what this four-piece has delivered is amazing.

With their debut, Our Oceans supply a lot of things which I appreciate. Great vocals, a pervading atmosphere, technical fervour and memorable song writing, but it is the melodious, fretless bass that makes the finishing touch on this album. It is brilliant. It gives so much depth to the songs, so much life. I feel this album is a grower. Songs like “Lioness’ Sunrise” and “Turquoise” are awesome tracks from the beginning, but surely, I haven’t finished listening to this records yet.

It has been a wonderful year for atmospheric progressive rock. After “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” and the new Riverside album, “Our Oceans” is another high-quality release that may rightly be called the best that Dutch alternative music has to offer at the moment.

“Our Oceans” was released independently on November 15, and is available as a digital download via bandcamp and as a digipack CD from the band’s website.

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