Listen: Nil.Co – “Geosphere”

Having a change in genre and name, Nil.Co spent the second half of 2014 self-releasing two albums. Being formerly known as Colin Crighton, he expressed himself in delta blues inspired music before drastically reorienting to crafting ambient soundscapes under his current pseudonym, trading in blues chords and vocals for synths and turns of buttons.

According to his bandcamp page, the latter of his two most recent releases, given the name “Geosphere”, was largely inspired by working in the geological industry of drilling for rock core. Having read that before giving his album a listen, expectations were roaring sounds resembling drills and overall heavy ambient drones. In reality, quite the opposite is true. While displaying plenty of repetitive and static noise, the listener is almost immediately taken by surprise by a delightfully light and dreamy theme that lifts him off the ground in “Shining on the Rain”. While the same theme returns once more followed up by upbeat drums in “Under a Crescent Moon”, a lone acoustic guitar brightens up Crighton’s “Return to the Swamp”. Overall, “Geosphere” is a nice and lengthy collection of ambient tracks that’s not afraid to gently ask for attention every now and then.

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