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Shoegaze and punk are at two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Shoegaze is relaxed and mellow, punk is loud and harsh. Luckily, bands have bridged the gap between the two as of recently and started a new genre, ‘punkgaze’. While not all bands adopt this term, they definitely consider themselves to have both shoegaze and punk influences. Most bands in this genre seem to be a hit or miss, and Mumrunner‘s new track “Bond” is a definite hit.

Mumrunner is a 4-piece punk / shoegaze band from Finland who aim to please with their song “Bond”, off their debut EP due out in May 2015 via Wolves and Vibrancy Records and Soliti Music. Too often in this somewhat new and evolving culture do bands rely too heavily on one genre, leaving the other unexplored or even neglected entirely. For Mumrunner, “Bond” does as the title suggests, it brings together the two genres with perfection, and it does so coherently.

What I love most about the song is how the guitars don’t rely on what’s been done in the past, rather they expand on what’s been done, creating a very unique and fresh twist to the genre. From the beginning, the guitars strum away manically around one each other, leading into a very alternative rock state for the verse.  The mellow and somewhat haunting vocals carry the song forward into a very loud and abrasive chorus. Now the loud and sonic guitars come back in to help drive the chorus home. The song flows throughout, except for a break at the end to a very desolate and cold instrumental end. The song has the shoegaze influences in the soft and ambient verses, and it has the punk influences in the punchy choruses as well.

Mumrunner have shown us just how much they have to offer with this single, be sure to keep your eyes open for their EP to release in May.

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