Listen: Metavari – “Heavy Love”

Metavari released a new single “Heavy Love” off of their new album Moonless, which comes out on February 7th, 2015 through Vital Shores.

Moonless is a new chapter for post-rock gone electronic outfit Metavari, and their first single “Heavy Love” aims to strike the heart. The catchy beat will hold you at first, but if you listen close enough you’ll realize how beautifully constructed the song is. The alien vocals (sung by Burke Sullivan of New Terrors) sing of despair and brings the title “Heavy Love” to life. Even though it is electronic, there are strong ties to ambient, EDM, and even a little post-rock. This song is catchy, but more than that, it’s intelligent. You can tell it wasn’t thrown together at once, the band took time to create the song, and the result is nothing below expectations for Metavari.

Here’s what Metavari had to say about their single:

“Heavy Love’ is both the first single and the first track from our forthcoming LP, Moonless. We took over two years off to write and record the album—reworking who Metavari is as a band and what kind of music we wanted to make in this next chapter as songwriters. “Heavy Love” was one of the first three songs written back when we were originally sketching out the direction for the record. Vocals came much later in the writing process, but there were a couple themes that stayed closely attached to it throughout. Being a largely instrumental record with sparse lyrics, it’s nice to keep some of those themes ambiguous—but aside from maybe the obvious keyword, it has a little to do with healing and hope. 

On the surface, we knew this track would be the album opener so we wanted it to develop slowly into the meat of the song. Sort of a slow-burn that would gently introduce the listener to the new Metavari. And we hope “Heavy Love” leaves you curious about the rest of Moonless!

Our good friend, Burke Sullivan (aka, New Terrors), collaborated with us on the vocals. He’s an incredible writer and producer on his own so we were thrilled to let our production styles collide during the process.”

You can buy their new single on their Bandcamp, and listen to their Moonless album preview on youtube.

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