Listen: Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – “Human Collapse”

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel recently released a new album for Ripple Music called Human Collapse. This French stoner band might simply describe their music as a road trip soundtrack, but what’s certain is there’s a good concept behind it. In contrast to the themes of their previous albums, this one focuses on a dystopian future as well as contemporary social and environmental issues.

They have matured in both style and production, which has led to a welcome change in their sound. The album is packed with sludgy riffs and occasionally progressive moments. The earthy vocals are accompanied with deep, at times depressing lyrics and voice samples that contribute to the dystopian atmosphere.

We talked with Nico and Julien from LDDSM about some interesting stories regarding the album and its concept. Check it out below.

Earlier last month you released a new album. How has the reception been thusfar?

Nico: It’s pretty good! We were scared at the beginning because this album is a little bit different from what we’ve done before. For us, it’s more an evolution, but for some fans, it may maybe have gone too far. But for the vast majority this seems not to be the case! People are very surprised by the album, but found it really good and appreciate all the work we did on it. We are very happy about it.

Julien: I think we put all our influences into this album . We didn’t want to do another classic stoner album, we wanted to make music closer to what we listen to every day. We started this band 12 years ago so we’ve grown up, and had the time to digest our influences and use them in the best way possible.

This is your third album. The last one was horror-inspired and for this one you decided to tackle a post-apocalyptic scenario. Tell us more about that.

Nico: This is our first “serious” album. I mean, about a serious matter, something important and very topical. Maybe it’s due to our age, we are now in our thirties with different preoccupations and other subjects to talk. Julien came with this idea about 2 years ago, because he is interested in sociology and in what specialists call the “human collapse”, which can be resumed by the end of the world only caused by man’s influence.

Julien: There’s a lot of fictional, work of art, video games that talk about post-apocalyptic worlds. But the cause of an extinction is always due to a bigger event: a nuclear war/accident, biologic pandemic, climate disturbance, meteorite crash, robotic revolt and so forth. Yet, there can be another reason for this and there are not so many fictions about it. It’s more down-to-earth, more insidious: the social apocalypse. It’s the end of our society caused by a financial crisis, the end of natural resources and social relationships, also caused by individualism, religious groups confrontations. If you combine all this with a short amount of time, it will lead to the end. And it was important to me to talk about that because we already live the apocalypse, we don’t need a zombie invasion.

Nico: We found the idea very interesting and inspiring, and started reading some books and watching some movies. Then we rolled up our sleeves to create our own story. We wanted to take a different point of view, so we decided to write the whole album in the first person. The main character is the guy next door (we didn’t even give him a name!), an immigrant who’s been living alone in another country for years. One day, the new world crisis makes him lose his job, so he decides to come back to his motherland to join his only family, his sister. During this long journey, he will be confronted to the madness of human nature, but to positive feelings too. We wanted to make people think about all this and the choices you can make to save your life. Deny your past, your beliefs, your principles etc.

It was interesting for me to read that when you were writing the ideas for the album, you didn’t even imagine that some of the events would be so close to today’s reality. Can you explain more about these ideas and events?

Nico: Yes, it was really confusing for us. We couldn’t believe to see that some parts of our history were unfolding before our eyes on TV a few months later. These floods of immigrants who leave their country, their families, their homes, their property, only to survive. This is scary.

Julien: You know, we already talk about apocalypse-inducing events a lot in newspapers: wars, environment destruction, racism… But these past few years, everything has got blown out of proportions. During the composition of this album, we saw millions of refugees trying to find a better place to live, we saw nationalism grow even larger, we saw disease outbreaks due to chemicals and more. The news was like a mirror to our fiction.

Nico: In our story, the man leaves the country he believed to be the Eldorado to return home, thinking that he will be happier and safer, while all these people are doing exactly the opposite. Ultimately, it all comes to the same thing: survival. Regardless of where you go and where you’re going. The important thing is the decision you make because you have no other choice. It’s not fiction, it’s reality and it’s happening a couple of thousands of miles from here. It’s hard to believe. Sad to say, but I think we’re living a transitional period that will determine the very future of humanity, we are on the precipice. There is only a step to jump or another path to take.

Any plans for a tour?

Nico: Yes, we have a few gigs coming for the rest of the year and a new European tour next year! It’s on its way!

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