Listen: Johnny In The Jungle – “Postcard from Norilsk”

Photo by Csaba Szőke

Johnny In The Jungle is an instrumental trio hailing from Szeged, Hungary. Started as a psychedelic jam band in 2009, their style changed during the years leading to their new EP ‘Postcard from Norilsk’.

The concept of the album is based on the story of someone who decides to leave his home in search of a completely different lifestyle and stability. Norilsk is a perfect example of what length humans can go in order to fulfill their omnipresent avidity and a metaphor of environmental pollution caused by the evolution of urban civilization.

Explaining the inspiration behind the EP, Johnny in the Jungle members say:
‘The whole concept came to us when we found an article on a Hungarian sci-fi blog about this Russian town called Norilsk. It is the second most northern located urban area with more than 100.000 inhabitants. It used to be part of the GULAG work camp system. Nowadays most locals make a living from mining. Norilsk is most famous for its huge nickel resources. People live there among very harsh conditions. It is a land of forever winter, covered in snow almost throughout the whole year. Besides that, it is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The only attractive thing about a life in Norilsk is the high wages compared to the Russian average.”

What Johnny In The Jungle accomplishes with ‘Postcard from Norilsk’ is portraying these feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion in a quite powerful way. When you really start thinking about the main inspiration behind this record you wonder what it’s like growing up in this extremely cold, polluted, industrial town and the reasons for and difficulties of leaving it. The songs have a nice flow and each one adds something unique…from the memorable guitar solo in ‘We Are Trapped’, gradual and dynamic tones  in ‘Nickel Rush’, to drum and bass moments in ’Thawing And Flood’.

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