Listen: James Norbert Ivanyi – “The Matter Circumvention”

The name James Norbert Ivanyi doesn’t sound like the name of a legend, but it should be. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the man drops his name like he’s a pop artist, but his sophomore album “The Matter Circumvention”, released Friday the 16th of January, features an incredible slab of instrumental music that makes your knees weak. The characteristic album art forebodes a furious metal record; a many-faceted predator album that has its eyes set on you.

Being a really short album, containing six songs but lasting under 30 minutes, “The Matter Circumvention” takes you through incredible heights of sonic energy. The jazz fusion influences are prominent on this album, especially on the title track, while “Malevolence” serves the listener some devilish djent tones. Throughout the rest of the album, the prog rock influences are ubiquitous. The synths, also played by Ivanyi himself, really supply the album with an air of 70s retro-romance, nodding approvingly to bands like Genesis and Porcupine Tree.

Overall, Ivanyi is part Yngwie Malmsteen, part Steven Wilson. He is an incredible guitarist, who can be both subtle and raging, but also a terrific songwriter who knows where to dig up his influences and how to mix them right into his own sauce of strongness and complexity.

Listen to “The Matter Circumvention” below and tell us what you think!

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