Listen: Hot Air Henry – “Thought Loops”

Hot Air Henry branches off from Of The Vine, pun intended. Samuel Laubscher, the mind behind the music, has created two incredible ambient/drone tracks for your enjoyment/meditation. His work floods your ears with thick, textured layers that is sure to put anyone into a deep trance, given enough time.

My personal favorite of the two is definitely the title track. It’s the darker of the two with deep and muddied textures that drag you through the mud and never let you out. There is no crecsendo or climax. It simply swells for a bit and dies like a deep breath that lasts a bit over five minutes long.

The two tracks are meant to simultaneously compliment and contradict each other, one being bright and airy, the other being dark and brooding. Even the cassette signifies this with a black/white shell. I would highly recommend buying this extremely limited cassette, if only to say you have ‘Thought Loops” on loop. Even if you’re not one for puns, the download comes with an extra remix track that’s definitely worth a listen.

More on Hot Air Henry: Bandcamp || YouTube || Spotify || Facebook
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  • I was listening to “Thought Loops” when my internet went down. I didn’t notice for a few moments because I was so entranced by the track. Funny how a few piano chords can be so hypnotizing.

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