Listen: Glazz – “Take 3”

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Glazz recently released their new album titled Take 3. This dynamic trio comes from Spain and the album is the last part of The Jamming Sessions, or what they call it- takes. It features tons of experimental jams and it was recorded in Japan.

Taking into consideration the nature and difficulties of improvising, the album has a nice flow to it. It’s interesting to hear how they expressed the madness of the environment into an exciting blend of progressive rock, jazz and funk. Take 3 also carries a higher dose of psychedelic exploration when compared to previous albums recorded in the same manner.

You can check it out on band’s Bandcamp page.

We got in touch with Glazz and talked a bit about Take 3. Read what they had to say.

First of all, tell us something about your experiences while recording Take 3?

We arrived at the studio exhausted because we had been touring around Japan the whole week and the night before the recording we also had a gig. In fact, we had another gig after the recording and then we went straight to the airport to take our flight back home.

We recorded it in two sessions. The first took us 80 minutes of non-stop improvising with no rules and the second one took us 15 minutes where we decided the guitar should start this time in a relaxed tempo using some Asian scales. Nothing else. You can spot different sounds and ideas.

In what ways was making Take 3 different than making previous albums?

We had a lot of pressure because we only had one opportunity to bring back home a “made in Japan” which is something we always wanted. There was also a little bit of pressure due to fan expectations because the other improvised albums were very good so we had to do it very well and differently.

Did Japan influence the inspiration for this album?

Definitely. We were very influenced by the relaxing way of life you can find in the temples but in contrast the crazy way of life of a megapolis like Tokyo.

What does the future bring for you?

We’re working on our third concept album which we will accompany with an illustrated story and we hope we can release it in a year. It was very challenging because you have to listen to it like it was an interactive novel, so you can listen to it in a different order depending on the story line you decide to follow. We also have plans to record a live album with a Big Band, in fact we’re actually working on the arrangements but it’s a med-term plan.

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