Listen: Fvnerals – “The Path”

Fvnerals released their new two-song EP, The Path, earlier this summer. It is noticeable that in both songs, even though retaining the sound they previously established with The Light, they have drifted onto a more intense path. The Path has a different doom sensibility and heavier elements. Sleek, almost monotone vocals give a sense of detachment and emptiness, but in a way that is more sincere than what could be heard before. Guitars and drums add to the atmosphere perfectly, with the band displaying a minimalistic yet intense approach.

We also got a chance to ask them a few questions – listen to “The Path” and read our short Q&A below:

Can you tell us something more about the inspiration and creative process behind The Path?

We started working on The Path in the spring of 2015, our intention was to explore a heavier and more ‘into depth’ side of our music. We tried to make something a bit different from the album whilst retaining our general sound, atmosphere, and attempted to take it further.

Is there a story or a conceptual idea binding The Hours-The Light-The Path? 

While these three releases share some common themes such as loneliness, depression, isolation, dreams, they were written at different times and come with their own baggage and sound. “The Hours” marks the start of our collaboration as a band and was a new direction for us as musicians. “The Light” was meant to be a cohesive work with all songs binding into each other. Lyrics and melodies evolve around those central themes but also create a sort of journey with a beginning and an end. “The Path” was tailored for a two sides 7” record with both songs being different, each having its own melody and pace but still sharing common elements in the songwriting.

What does the future hold for you after this release? 

We are relocating to Glasgow in Scotland next month. We hope to meet new people there and networks. Once settled, we will start writing songs for a new album while promoting our 7” record, booking new shows and hopefully work on a European tour.

More on Fvnerals: Website // Facebook // Bandcamp 
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