Fjord – “Portrait for a Reflection”

Fjord’s latest album “Portrait for a Reflection” has been out for about a month now, and it’s saddening how little I’ve heard about it. The first track, “Stars in an Ocean of Darkness” is by far my favorite. With Whispered words, lush layers, and thick ambience, it creates so many images in my head that it’s impossible to just pick one. Normally I am not a fan of lyrics at all in any of my post-rock, but something about the way it’s whispered and the fact that it’s in a language I don’t understand gives it a magical feeling to me.

I love the way it doesn’t necessarily flow from one passage to the next, giving it a sense of determined progression. It carries itself dutifully from one melody to the next, deliberately building up each tune with added instruments and vibrant texture changes as they go. It’s a brilliant blend of craftsmanship and flowing passions.

“Portrait for a Reflection” was released on September 1st, and is available on Soundcloud for streaming and Bandcamp on digital and CD. A single Euro for the digital download and/or unlimited streaming on the Bandcamp app is an incredibly small price to pay for over 45 minutes of music. You can also check out the live video for “Stars in an Ocean of Darkness” below.

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