Listen: Dan Caine – “Arcus”

Dan Caine‘s prolific career into ambient / new age scene, with 8 releases in 5 years, had its peak in 2016 with warmly welcomed album Solace. In early 2017, Transitions featured singer Hailey Rose in two of its tracks, opening up Caine’s usual sounds. Five months later, Dan Caine’s new EP Journey Through an Open Mind offers good production, impressive cover artwork and appealing song names like “The Space Between Thoughts”.

Second song “Arcus” outstands from the other tracks by developing a delayed guitar melody that progressively gets into pentatonic improvisation, supported by beautiful ebow textures and an indeterminate number of self-crossing background guitars that may help the listener dive into a proper relaxation mood without losing any thrill.

In this interview, Caine describes his favourite creative method: “I prefer to record each guitar line continuously, as that way it helps the song to flow and to build naturally, and is more meditative and intuitive”. Later on he confesses: “Sometimes, however, it just doesn’t work, and so I step away from it and move onto something else”. His intuition certainly worked well on “Arcus”, and who knows if that very intuition will drive Caine to explore new musical terrains and composition methods in the near future.

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