Listen: covet – “Currents EP”

Covet are a math rock three-piece from San Francisco, California, led by composer and guitar adept Yvette Young. Together with Keith Grimshaw (drums) and David Adamiak (bass), she brings us a blend of technical metal and math rock which they deem “adventure rock” – an aptly chosen epithet for what the Currents EP entices.

“Currents” is a very undemanding record to listen to – very warm and endearing. The sound is clean, there are little overdubs and the production is unassuming. Yvette’s tapping technique is impeccable but it flows easy like water trickling from a mountainside. She rarely resorts to conventional picking or finger-style playing, making the tapping take on a life of it’s own. The melodies are very similar to Plini’s songwriting but songs like “Hydra” see the music move away in the direction of rhythmic avant-garde classical compositions.

“Currents” was released independently on the 20th of December and may be bought as a digital download from the band’s Bandcamp-page.

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