Listen: Closet Disco Queen – “Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums”

The new 3-song EP from Closet Disco Queen opens with a stretch of calming ambience, which could prove misleading for the uninitiated. Anyone who is familiar with their 2015 self-titled debut will know that the contemplative softness of this intro is not long for this world. However, those already briefed on Closet Disco Queen are likely to also find some pleasant surprises within this brief but fully-loaded package. Where s/t leaned more experimental, Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums is all massive groove and scorching riff worship.

The drum build that joins the fray at the 1:07 mark of “Ninjaune,” followed by the first muted hints of the guitar explosion to come act as a perfect pressure build and nod deftly at the soon-to-be-revealed tone of the EP, which features an exquisite combination of vitriol and swaggering, chest-puffing rock bravado. Once this baby gets going it’s basically all high-energy beats and wall-to-wall riffing from that point forward. Listeners may find it surprising (and pleasingly so) that Closet Disco Queen has taken to such a straightforward approach this time around, opting for a sneering, balls-out brand of fiery hard rock, except without the obnoxiously-prattling front man doing splits and licking his microphone.

If you are finding yourself intermittently tired of the typical post-rock grind, I can’t recommend Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums enough. From the high-powered, Kyuss-on-ketamine stoner rock riffing of “El Moustachito” to the fret-blistering finale of “Delicieux,” this is like a searing rail of cocaine shot through the nasal cavity of instrumental rock, or a particularly strong dose of espresso if you’re an oldster such as myself trying to behave yourself to some degree. Either way, boredom is not in the cards. It’s a little deviant, a lot sexy, but definitely not the product of bums. Closet Disco Queen is back to make a clear statement about their stance on conservatism in instrumental music.

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