Listen: Belladonna – “Runoff”

Belladonna is a six piece art-rock band from Nova Scotia, Canada. After “Belladonna” and “Live and Beyond” these guys and girls show us once more how a great EP is made. “Runoff” is filled with rich and smooth harmonies with both subtle and powerful female vocals.

You can check out the music video for “Europa //Io” here. With the harmony, finesse and versatility in terms of dynamic, this is the perfect tune to accompany your procrastination on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. It will place you horizontally and before you know it, twirl your mind.

Here is what the band told us about the release:
“Runoff” was inspired by the constant freeze and thaw of our relationships with each other over the year it was being produced. It discusses feelings of isolation, exaltation, and the ever present need to remain adaptable.

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