Listen: Bear, The Storyteller – “Tales of the Untold”

It’s so good to see so many bands come up and play this creative, comprehensive genre we all call post-rock. I love how wonderfully they convey such a wide spectrum of sentiments and emotions, and they don’t even use any words at all to do that. And the good thing is that even though this number is increasing day by day, the saturation point seems quiet far still, as bands are constantly experimenting with sound to bring us something new. While some rely on the use of synthesizers, others bring in more conventional instruments like violins and cellos, and in turn capture the intensity that those instruments exhibit.

Bear, The Storyteller follows the path of bands like GY!BE, Rumour Cubes, The Evpatoria Report and The Ascent of Everest, but only to pick up the concept of using string and bow instruments. Their melodies, being a bit more guitar-driven, separate them from the rest of the lot.

Tales of the untold offers us a very fresh sound, creating an environment which inclines more towards nature than an urban setting, a case with most post-rock bands. In fact, the very idea around which the band revolves is to take us out from our daily lives and introduce us to these warm and fantastical spaces, through this huge wise messenger, Bear, who seems to know everything. Bear, The Storyteller tells us about a whole new world full of beautiful and intriguing landscapes, Mother Nature’s voices and mythological stories, through some wonderfully penned down silent lyrics.

Here is what the band has to say about their debut EP:

The lyrics that go with the musical pieces are based on personal landscapes, real or fictitious, and some mythological symbology. The focus on animals and their close relation to Mother Nature of the project is constantly present in many references. The Three Wise Owls from “Come here, Animals” represent the Greek Moirai, which determine the course of all life, and Diana, moon goddess and nature guardian, is the main character of its namesake song. Both musical pieces are divided in parts, in order to better develop and organise the ideas Bear wants to communicate, ideas that can give life to new worlds in the minds and hearts of those who experience them through the music; images and words that Bear shares.

Listen to the wonderful new EP by Bear, The Storyteller here:

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