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Living as I do in Burlington, Vermont, it can feel like winter drags on for ages. Any small reminder of the eventual coming of Spring can be enough to help you get by, be it a 40-degree day in January, or a briefly-sensed fragrance of flowers in a store. Sometimes, music can serve such a purpose. Naugatuck, Connecticut quartet A Will Away has me fondly looking forward. Their 2015 EP “Bliss” would be a perfect companion to that first day when the temperature creeps into the 60’s, you hop into your car and just drive, fondly remembering what the outside world is all about, and you need that perfect soundtrack to accompany the journey.

A Will Away steps to the mic with an earnest, straightforward and unpretentious brand of emo-inspired indie rock, featuring decidedly positive vibes rather than the expected overwrought, melancholic slant that so many bands take. It sounds and feels like these guys are really enjoying themselves, and that proves to be an infectious aesthetic – one that doesn’t always effectively translate like it does here. The lead song, “Play Dead,” in particular has “anthem” written all over it. For a young band they are also very polished-sounding, which could more readily position them for a breakout in the near future. They certainly seem ready, and it will be interesting to see where they take things from here.

“Bliss” was released 16 October 2015. The band currently resides on Triple Crown Records, as label mates of such cornerstone indie bands as Caspian, Moving Mountains, Into It. Over It., Foxing and O’Brother. You can purchase “Bliss” through their Band Camp page.

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