Listen: A-Sun Amissa – “The Recapitulation”

Consouling Sounds are a Belgian record label that have been catching our attention since our visit to Dunk! 2016, and perhaps long before that. In recent years they have been releasing quality release upon quality release and this time they have come with something truly spectacular in the form of A-Sun Amissa’s The Gatherer. The album is to be released on April 27, but a first single is already available to us in the shape of The Recapitulation.

The Gatherer features four awe-inspiring songs that merge improvisational jazz with elements from post-rock and ambient. The Recapitulation is the only song on the record featuring vocals and in some way it is the high point towards which the preceding songs build up. The vocals, courtesy of Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra, CHVE) give the intricate and earthly tones of songs such as Anodyne Nights For Somnolent Strangers and Jason Molina’s Blues yet another refreshing dimension that shakes the listener into another state of mind. As the album closer it leaves a lasting impression and in such it is a perfect way of getting acquainted with the record.

The Gatherer is available for pre-order via Consouling Sounds in both CD and LP formats.
The band will play a release show with Yodok III and Barst in Trix in Antwerp, Belgium. Tickets are still available here.

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