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Vampillia are born out of a desire to be different. Bouncing between metal, pop, instrumental rock and pure craziness, the band’s schizophrenic musical style challenges and delights listeners. The band’s live performance matches this eccentricity, holding a reputation for theatre. With the band recently completing a successful tour of Australia, the band has its sight on even more goals for 2015. We sat down for a chat with them about the band’s history, how they achieve their musical style and their thoughts about music.

How did the band originally begin? And did you ever see it getting to the stage where it is now?

We knew all we want to do from the beginning, we wanted to create no-genre chimeric music that nobody has ever heard which is the mix of the soul, comedy and tearjerking of BOREDOMS, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Aphex Twin. Everybody says that it is difficult to sell Vampillia’s music because it doesn’t belong to any genre. So it means we’ve achieved our goal! From the beginning, we believed we’d get to the stage where we are now!

Your sound is amazingly eclectic. One moment it may be pop or even an old Japanese folk tune, then there’s soaring strings, a wall of distorted noise and black metal surging into an unsuspecting listener’s ears. How do you go about writing music like this and what’s the best part about this beautifully schizophrenic sound?

Fundamentally we create a music we want to listen to. If we want to listen to music like Mogwai, we should listen to Mogwai. If we want to listen to music like Aphex Twin, we should listen to Aphex Twin. Accordingly we end up creating unknown music to some extent. It needs to be a strange type of music.

For example, the labels we signed with are very diverse. In the USA, we signed with Important Records which is known as an experimental music label, while in Europe we signed with Candlelight Records which is known as a metal music label. As a result, it is difficult to sell our music because it is not possible to identify the genre. That’s fine. This is what we want to do.

Is there ever any moments where you’ve thought “This is too much, we need to tone it back” or is just keep going, no matter how crazy you think it is?

Unfortunately, we don’t think what we do is crazy. So we’ll keep going ahead, until everyone notices that Vampillia is actually very pop!

Working with so many creative people within one band must be both a blessing and a curse sometimes. How does the band handle all this creativity and differences of style?

Our leader makes all final decisions, so we reach agreement where we should. Basically he cannot play any instruments, cannot compose and does not perform on stage.

Have you ever thought about adding more members?

Sure. We may think about it if Bjork, a homeless person who can sing well or a member of Metallica wants to join us. But we usually give a funny nickname to new members and make fun of them, so they would probably quit immediately.

How important is the visual part of your live shows to you as a band?

It is not so important, some of our band members just want to show off. But we want to do stupid staging if we have the money to do so. At the very least, we want to use fire!

You’ve just completed a tour of Australia, what was your favourite part of the tour outside of playing the concerts?

It was putting up hundreds of posters all over the town because we are DIY.
Thank you Blu Tack!

What’s the most memorable performance you’ve ever done?

Our member pasted broccoli to his head with Aron Alpha (a very strong instant glue). This built up the fighting spirit in himself. His spirit was transferred to the audience and they went nuts, laughing while crying. We were very impressed. Broccoli Man is dead now though.

What is the band’s plan for the rest of 2015?

We want to perform at festivals and go all over the world! In 2015, we want to be Vampillia of the world! Can anyone invite us?


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