Holographic Human Element: Concert Review & Interview

13.04.2015 – Fabryka Dźwięków, Leszno

Monday is supposed to be the worst day of the whole week. Except when you get a chance to attend a gig of a truly special band. Long story short – my Monday was one of the most enjoyable Mondays I’ve ever had. I had a chance to see Holographic Human Element, an emerging post-rock band from Bosnia. To be honest, before the concert, I took HHE with a grain of salt – this was my first encounter with them and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

The concert began with a delay which is actually a normal thing – I had more time to enjoy my drink. When the Bosnians finally hit the stage, they gave me a myriad of proofs that they are worth to be waited for another couple of hours. Their music possesses an enormous load of uplifting emotions and energy. It was loud, but every single note could be heard thanks to an amazing sound engineering. My favourite moment of the concert was the heavenly climax in “The Sky Is Tearing Apart Into A Million Pieces”.

However, this all wouldn’t have such an impact if it wasn’t performed right. HHE took care of it – you could clearly see that they genuinely love what they do, that it’s their passion and that they are true and honest to the listener. The energy was pouring from the stage in hectoliters.  Adnan Đonlić, the guitarist was all over the stage, jumping and headbanging all the time. On one of the last songs he started rubbing the floor with his guitar which looked and sounded beyond amazing. Minja Gromović, the keyboard player was close to smashing his head on his instruments. I was just standing in front of them with my jaw dropped. Honestly, I didn’t expect this concert to be THIS good.

In between the songs, Adnan revealed even more emotional nature of a band by telling various anecdotes about life and happiness. My favorite one was when he asked the audience where did it come from that people clap to express their enjoyment. This spoken word was a lovely addition to the music and a little break from the waves of energy which almost drowned the club.

After the gig I caught up with Adnan Donlić to ask him a couple of questions:

How did you come up together as a band?

The idea of the band is much older than the band itself. We were from a small town in Bosnia, all teenagers and wanted to have a band to play together. We always wanted it to be something more than just playing for girls or drinks. It was an idea of making a professional band so you can travel a lot, meet new people and be happy, that’s the whole point of it.

Your album “The Sun Is A Perfection That Blinds Us All” has been out for almost a year and a half. How do you feel about its perception?

It’s really not an album, it’s some kind of a demo. We are recording an actual album in May in Bergrade. That’s the prize we received for winning a competition, a festival in Serbia – we were chosen from 200-300 bands as the best in the region. The promo album was recorded in a studio in our hometown and it’s really our first “Hello” to the world. We hope that the album we’ll release in October will be much better than this.

You are touring quite intensely this year. How does the life of a touring band look like? Any best or worst experiences you’d like to share with our readers?

There are always bad and good things to life. I am proud and glad to say that we had much more better things than the worse. We had some problems with the van, food and with the cold – we all caught cold when we were in Slovenia. But today we are here, and we are happy to be in Poland. To put a long story short – it’s been up and downs, but many ups, not too many downs.

I read on your webpage that you are not signed to any label. What are the good and bad sides of such decision?

A good side is that you have the freedom to record and sell your stuff in the environments like clubs or festivals. You’re basically free. But you cannot earn enough money to make a whole year of touring, it’s too expensive, the fuel and food, that’s the bad side. But you’re free. So, maybe something in between, like signing to a label that still allows you to be free – that would be great, we’re still looking for that. Hopefully we’ll find it.

What are your plans for the future? Recording an album and…

We will record our album in May. There will be only new songs. We are also shooting a video, we hope it’ll be really interesting, because the whole idea of the band is you – the listeners are the ones who dominate. That’s why we don’t have lyrics – we want to let people think by themselves, what they want to hear, what they want to picture in their heads. We are also trying to play some festivals in Europe, I don’t know how it will turn out, but we are more than happy with what we’ve accomplished so far, especially because the band has been together for only a year and a half.

Holographic Human Element is still on tour. You can check their live dates here:

Don’t miss them – they’re FIRE!!!

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