Final Days Society on the Upcoming Tour and the Latest Album

After releasing their latest album called Icebreaker, Final Days Society are starting a European tour this week. They will visit 10 different places and play in 7 countries from April 27 until May 07. 

This Swedish band showed a lot of progress while recording their third album in a “do it yourself” manner. It has a delicate and emotional touch as well as depth and maturity. At times melancholic and tranquil, and at times intense and dramatic, Icebreaker is a beautiful album that promises a fantastic listening experience.

We got a chance to talk to the band about the album, tour, and future plans. Check below for the interview and tour dates.

Learning that you formed the band being “5 guys from 5 different bands” is very interesting. How did that happen, the moment you decided you should join forces and start something different?

Well, all of us had played in different bands in various genres like rock, metal, hardcore and indie rock/pop and all of us were involved in the Swedish underground scene at the time (still am). It started when Suwat’s previous band had broken up and since he knew Andreas from before, they started to meet and talked about the possibility to start a new project. The idea is that this time we wanted to do something different, we wanted to create music with fewer rules and boundaries but also powerful and dynamic. We didn’t know anything about the genre of post-rock at the time. Later on, Pierre and our former drummer Thomas joined the band. Everything just clicked you know, on the first rehearsal we starting making songs and the chemistry between us was pretty incredible. So we continued, Marcus joined the band later on.

Considering how everything turned out to be, in terms of your music, we have to agree that coming together was a great choice. Your latest album, Icebreaker, is stunning. When you compare it to the last two albums, what would you say changed the most between the releases, in terms of inspiration and musical influences?

Thank you, glad to hear that. One of the most noticeable changes is that Icebreaker has a darker mood over it, compared to the other two albums we did. We tend to enjoy writing songs that give a more hopeful feeling so it’s kind of refreshing to be able to implement some darker tones into the songs in Icebreaker. In term of inspirations, there are many things but one clear inspiration in the writing process was the Swedish winter. It’s cold, dark and ice everywhere and the contrast between winter and spring is wonderful, so we really tried to infuse that feeling into the songs. None of us in the band is a heavy listener of the post-rock genre, but of course, there are bands that we enjoy listening to in both post-rock and various genres, we have a pretty diverse music taste in the band so the influences are pretty spread out. 

Icebreaker showed a lot of growth and maturity. Is it challenging to maintain that “evolving” manner?

Actually no, the core of the band have known each other for a long time now. For every new album, we kind of agree on which directions we want to go, we always agree on that the music we make should be emotional, powerful and dynamic and all of our ideas circle around that, and fortunately we always have tons of ideas. The “maintaining” part is to just keep going, our relationships and personal lives keep growing and changing, and so will the songs. 

You have recorded and produced Icebreaker all by yourselves. Did that approach influence the writing process?

Definitely, when you’re doing it all by yourselves you can do it at your own pace. There is a lot more room for experimentation while recording as well, which is really important to us. The writing and recording process kind of morph together and that’s a good thing. One of the best things about it is that we can take it as far as we want since we’re not a “big band” we don’t have the pressure from anyone but ourselves. We decide when it’s finished or not, no matter how long it takes.  

Let’s talk about the tour. At the end of April, you’re doing a European tour and visiting ten places. What are you excited about the most?

To just play the songs live again since we started the recording of Icebreaker we haven’t played live much. Now that the album is released we can focus on live performance instead. Hopefully, it goes well and we can do a lot more gigs in the future both in and outside of Sweden. We want to, of course, spread our music to as many people as possible. 

What can we expect from you after the tour?  

After this tour, we will start writing songs for the next album. Hopefully, we release it next year and do another tour after that. We are also thinking about releasing one or two songs at the end of this year, now that we’re not signed to any label. We still kept our promise to each other, so we hope that it will last for another ten years!

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