Album Premiere: Waves – Stargazer

Photo by Aki Kiefer

Stargazer, the beautiful sophomore album by Munich instrumental post-rock band Waves, premieres exclusively on Arctic Drones.

About Waves

Waves is an instrumental post-rock band from Munich Germany, formed in 2011. Since then they released a demo and their debut album Lights & Colors. With a sound that is driven by both loud epic parts and fragile melodies they have found a language to release their passion. A passion they also had the chance to show live alongside bands like Caspian, Russian Circles, Deadhorse and Einar Stray Orchestra.

Here is what the band has to say about the background of the album:

“Stargazer marks a new chapter of Waves. As we released our first album Lights & Colors we were really happy with the outcome and with what we have accomplished. About the same time we realized that our songs and influences were evolving. This was the reason for us to write a new record. There was no concept or anything, just the need to capture all the new ideas we’ve had. We didn’t rush to bring this album to an end – some songs on Stargazer are even more than two years old. Still we had to finish at some point which was very hard for us.

One key factor was that this album still should sound like Waves. We didn’t want to change who we are, just to show that we grew as a band. You’ll find elements we have never used before which were confusing for ourselves in the first place but in the end it pretty much describes who we are now. On the other hand you will still find the same old Waves elements you know from “Lights & Colors”. We think that we were able to capture all of those things on this record and so we are very happy with it. We hope people will like it too.”

Stream the new record and make sure to grab your copy at the links below.

Released today, Stargazer is available for digital and physical purchase on Bandcamp.
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