Exclusive Premiere: Thank U For Smoking – Island

Thank U For Smoking is a Cagliari based trio, active since 2009. Their debut LP Dopo La Quiete was released in 2012, followed by the highly acclaimed album, Yomi, in 2014. The band has played dozens of concerts since its formation and created a soundtrack for a unique video – Island. Today, Arctic Drones have the pleasure of hosting the premiere of Island.

“Island” is a collaboration between Thank U For Smoking and the Cagliari based independent film company Quadratino Pericoloso. It is a 30 minute long piece of footage captured in Iceland by Quadratino Pericoloso, accompanied by music by Thank U For Smoking that emphasizes the calm, the storm, the silence and the violence of geysers pictured in the video. On the DVD there are two versions of Island – a “studio version” and a “live version”. Both last 30 minutes. After 2 and a half years they have decided to “give a new life” to this work, releasing it on-line. Watch below!

Here’s a note from the band about the clip:
“This work has over 2 years, it was released with our first full length and we have never put it on-line in respect of the people that have believed in our project since the beginning. Yes! It’s a CD + DVD and it lasts almost an hour and a half. The collaboration was born during a summer dinner in Marmilla (Sardinia) after our concert, we remember that there was a lot of wine. The idea came out of nowhere and when Stephen said ‘Guys, I think that you have the right sound to play for my 20 hours footage in Iceland!’, the only thing that came out of our mouth was, ‘Yes, let’s do it, but hey! 20 hours are too much, you’re crazy!’. The first time we played ‘Island’ live, we saw the people, one by one, sitting on the floor until they totally joined the trip – honestly, it was one of our best experiences as a band.”

Purchase info:
“Dopo la quiete” lasts 45minutes and it is the audio-part of the release whereas “Island” is the audiovisual part. There are only 50 copies available online and you can purchase the CD + DVD package at the following link: www.thankuforsmoking.bigcartel.com
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