Exclusive Video Premiere: Tatran – Ww III

Photo by Yoav Kedem

TATRAN premiere the new video for their song “WW III”, off of their debut album “Shvat”, on Arctic Drones magazine. 

Tatran is a Tel Aviv based band consisting of Offir Benjaminov (bass), Tamuz Dekel (guitar) and Dan Mayo (drums). All in their early twenties, they come from diverse backgrounds and form an exceptional power-trio. Tatran’s music consists of a crystallized mix of musical influences ranging from modern jazz, rock, classical, folk, to avant-garde and electronica. The band released their debut, overdub free, studio album “Shvat” on November 11, 2014.

WWIII is a song from Tatran’s debut album. It is recorded in Pluto Studios in Tel Aviv, Israel, where all the session were recorded and filmed. Live performance captured in this video is the same one you can hear in the album. You can watch the video and read our short interview with the band below.

Tatran Interviewed

Firstly, can you tell us more about yourself and how the band was formed?

Tatran formed in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Offir Benjaminov (bass) played in several situations with Tamuz Dekel (guitar) and in other different situations with Dan Mayo (drums). He had a very strong feeling about forming a trio with the two of them. Offir called us up to play together, and brought several pieces that he composed, and we began to work on them together. 

There’s some kind of connection with a lot of magic flowing between us. Each one has contributed to the compositions in different ways – Offir brought many beautiful melodies and harmonies, Tamuz brought his perspective and opened up a window to a world of sound and effects, and Dan brought his unique beats, grooves and wild energy to the whole creation. It actually took some time until we formulated our current sound and vision for the arrangements and essence of the music. This combination, of Offir coming from the jazz and classical world, with the contrast of the dirty and the intense pace of Dan, and the unique approach to sound and structure of Tamuz, made the overall sound of the band feel like one thing that connects really well.

Recently you released Shvat, and several studio videos, could you tell us more about the album itself ? 

The album is a combination of several pieces that we had a long process with – with each of them separately, and as a complete album/live set. Each song has a different story, each song reflects a different feeling. This album is like a mirror of our growth process as a band, including the never ending search for new sounds and ideas and emotions that we want to explore.

We recorded the album live in the same room, no overdubs, just like a live performance.
Still, the work on the album was very intense. We played the whole set of the album many times in the studio, and we went through several moments of transcendence and crises. It was also important to us to keep a feeling of creativity and freedom in the recording process so there was a lot of  improvising going on, some of which made it to the album.

We decided to call the album ‘Shvat’ since we are all very emotionally attached to that song and we feel it’s a good representation of the feeling that surrounded us during that period.

In your music we can hear an interesting mixture of genres and influences. What are your musical inspirations? 

We have been playing together for three years now, so it creates a situation where everyone is very affected by everyone. For example, Offir’s sound really developed since he learned a lot from Tamuz, and Tamuz was influenced a lot by Offir’s playing, and vice versa. Also, the rhythmic sense of Offir became really corresponding to Dan’s and we have many more examples.

So, three of us are developing and learning constantly from each other. Actually the whole approach to the songs, arrangements and sound is a result of this shared, mutual musical and mental exploration.

Of course there are also a lot of external influences and music we like, such as The Bad Plus, which is a band we used to listen to a lot, sometimes on the road – on the way to concerts. We are also influenced on several levels by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a lot of classical music, Debussy, Radiohead and many more.

You are currently doing a winter album tour. What can we expect in the future?

In the near future we mainly hope to make music and play as much as possible. Everywhere. We are planning to go out on a tour in several countries around the world. Also, we are working on a second album and hope to record it later in 2015. At the moment, the only certain thing is that we really enjoy playing with each other, and want to keep doing it.
Our next concert is on Barby, Tel Aviv, January 7th.

Tatran online:
Website: http://www.tatranmusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TatranMusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TatranMusic
Bandcamp: http://tatranmusic.bandcamp.com
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