Exclusive Album Stream: Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Yield To Despair

Stream the new Tangled Thoughts of Leaving album before it releases on September 14!

After seven years of hiding Down Under, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving come up with a proper European release of their second album “Yield to Despair”. The instrumental band from Perth, Australia hail the world with yet another pièce de résistance – exclusively on Arctic Drones.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving have been recording music together since 2008. Their first EP “Tiny Fragments” showed a faint glimpse of the complexity and energy that would later become typical for the band’s sound, and after making a split with Sleepmakeswaves in the same year, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving released their first full-length “Deaden the Fields” in 2011. While touring Europe with “Deaden the Fields”, the band learned to embrace their darker side, as Luke Pollard (bass) notes:

“With Yield to Despair, we wanted to create something that was heavier and more chaotic than our previous releases, harnessing more of the improv and noise elements of our live show. We made the focus on technicality a little more subtle and placed more emphasis on the sounds carrying as much emotional weight as possible.”

When asked what inspired the band to make such a denuded portrayed of the world, Luke answers:

“We formed a pretty bleak view of the world during the writing and recording of this album, a real disgust with the way the world is heading. Everything from personal struggles with depression and sleeplessness to anger with Australian politics – it all had an influence. Rather than making something positive as a distraction from that, we really wanted to reflect that feeling of dread and lost hope. Wallowing in that area musically – and trying to find a way out – led to some of the most cathartic moments on the record.”

“Yield to Despair” will be released by Pelagic Records on September 11 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and September 14 for the rest of Europe.

The album can be pre-ordered from the Pelagic Records webstore:
Follow Tangled Thoughts of Leaving on their:
Website: http://tangledthoughtsofleaving.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TangledThoughtsOfLeaving
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tangledtol
Bandcamp: http://music.tangledthoughtsofleaving.com

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