Exclusive: Stream Pray for Sound’s New Remix Album, Dreamixer

Boston instrumental band Pray For Sound will release their new remix album, “Dreamixer”, on November 18 via Science of Silence Records. Today, Arctic Drones is teaming up with the band to present an exclusive stream of the entire album. 

Originally started as a solo studio project by Bruce Malley in 2011, Pray for Sound has since developed into a full band with the addition of Joe Aylward, Chris LaRocque, Nick Stewart, and Steve Aliperta. The new album, “Dreamer”, was released earlier this year and well received by listeners and critics alike, with positive reviews from a number of music blogs.

This week, Science of Silence Records are releasing “Dreamer” on vinyl, and with that package comes a digital download of a fantastic remix album “Dreamixer”, on which artists like Gregory Dunn (Moving Mountains), The Echelon Effect and Living Phantoms gather round to bring us their interpretation of the album. The songs have been turned inside out, small melodies have been turned into main themes, and as a whole “Dreamer” sounds more like a dream than ever before.

Here’s what Bruce himself had to add about the album:

“There were two major reasons we wanted to do a remix album. First of all, Dreamer came out a few months ago and a lot of people have already picked it up, so we wanted something new and fresh to reward the people who wanted to get their hands on the vinyl. We also have previously announced that the songs are based on dreams…Each song represents different dream states. Dreams can be interpreted differently depending on who you ask. Just like that, we left the reinterpretations completely up to the artists doing them. We told everyone they can add or remove tracks, manipulate tracks, and make the songs sound completely different. We basically thought it would be an interesting add-on to our original concept.”

“Dreamer” vinyl will be available through Science of Silence Records in the colours white, clear with a purple swirl and clear with a magenta swirl, each of them being limited to 200 pieces. Downloads of both “Dreamer” and “Dreamixer” will come with every order. “Dreamixer” will also be made available as a digital download for those who are not interested in vinyl.

Stream the album below, and let us know your thoughts.

Pray for Sound online:
Website: http://www.prayforsound.com
Bandcamp: http://music.prayforsound.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pray_for_Sound
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prayforsound
Read our interview with the band here and our review of ‘Dreamer’ here.
Purchase ‘Dreamer’ vinyl and ‘Dreamixer’: http://www.scienceofsilence.net
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