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On December 15th, Pillars will release their first full-length album entitled Of Salt and Sea via In Store Recordings. Displaying a band at the height of their song-crafting ability, Of Salt and Sea represents the culmination of a continuous sonic evolution, and is one of the most impressive post-rock albums of the year. Today we’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of the album in full.

Hailing from Indianapolis, U.S., Pillars landed on our radar when they released their two-track EP The Great Divide in March this year. It contained gently restrained crescendos and less bombastic climaxes in favour of vocal-driven transitions, possessed a well-balanced and delicate mix of indie, ambient and post-rock; it also apparently marked a gradual stylistic shift from the band’s 2015 self-titled EP, which had a more traditional indie rock sound.

On the band’s first full-length album, instruments reclaim the driver’s seat and become the mainspring of a soundscape packed with atmosphere. Moving comfortably between spacey ambiance, mellow harmonies, cathartic crescendos and forceful outbursts, these 9 songs offer a concerted team effort with a clear musical goal in mind.

Ahead of the release date on Friday December 15th, you can listen to the full stream of it here. Pre-order links are available below:

Of Salt and Sea radiates with classic post-rock vibes spiced up by discernible “metallic” influences – the astounding track “Revelation,” or “Finalita”, and the second half of “Harbinger” are cases in point. Yet, make no mistake, this album does not sacrifice mood and atmosphere for rawness or technicality. What is special about this album is how effortlessly it blends with its surroundings, welcomes me in its warm embrace and transports me to a different world, one that is calm and gentle like the placid sea. Listen to the title track and tell me you’re not instantly transported to a beach, with dry sand between your toes and a fresh, salty breeze filling your lungs. The crushing waves are the background noise here as the song elegantly builds its explosive, roaring climax. Or savour “Submerge/Subtract”, my favourite track on the record, and try not to bang your head to its entrancing marching rhythm.

Whether the band sticks to a more traditional formula or explores less beaten paths, the end result is equally as bold and flavourful. I can honestly say I haven’t been this into a post-rock record since listening to Caspian’s Dusk and Disquiet two years ago. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Of Salt and Sea comes out December 15th and will be available for digital download, in addition to a limited edition pressing on vinyl.
Pre-orders are still available at the In Store Recordings label site and the Pillars Bandcamp page.
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