Exclusive Album Stream: Endless Melancholy – The Vacation

Endless Melancholy’s intimate and romantic musical aesthetics have garnered many listeners who enjoy his neo-classical and ambient works. Two years ago we featured his album Her Name In A Language of Stars, a beautiful, transformative release that still holds significance today. Endless Melancholy’s shift of focus into different genres is attention-grabbing, especially for the fact that he keeps the visceral elements intact and only heightens them on subsequent releases. Today we are happy to present the stream of Endless Melancholy’s newest album The Vacation ahead of its June 27th release date only on Arctic Drones.

The Vacation serves as a follow-up to Endless Melancholy’s 2015 release and was also conceptually written. Here are some words about the album from Endless Melancholy himself:  “The Vacation is the fifth album by Endless Melancholy. It is a follow up to project’s rather acclaimed full-length Her Name In A Language Of Stars, released on July 27th, 2015. The Vacation was lovingly crafted over the span of two months, processed through the vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder for some analog warmth and received a thoughtful master from Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung Mastering studio. The wonderful artwork was created by Lita Akhmetova, and the whole album was inspired by a short story “The Vacation” by Ray Bradbury, written in 1963.”

While this album follows his 2015 release, it is yet again a step into new territory for the artist. Written around a captivating short story, The Vacation is riddled with deeper meanings and symbolism animated through musical motifs and melodic phrases. The range of emotions mimic the desolation and emptiness felt from the words of Bradbury, but certain songs also symbolize the warmth and comfort human companionship gives. This album marks another successful release by Endless Melancholy, and his consistent exploration of new and old musical elements make his project a treat to listen to each time new music comes around.

You can pre-order digital/CD’s of The Vacation on Hidden Vibes here, and cassettes are also available on the ΠANθEON page here.
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