Exclusive Single Stream: Aesthesys – Marea

Aesthesys, hailing from Moscow, Russia, have seen both a growth in scope and in band members since their inception in 2007. Forming as a solo project, Aesthesys is now a sextet embracing post-rock, ambient, and neo-classical influences. We are happy to present their newest single Marea, which shows the band at its most grandiose and visceral.

Mixed and mastered by Jamie Ward of Maybeshewill, Marea is the first taste of the new Aesthesys material since their album Ascendere in 2013, which makes this single feel like a true evolution and full actualization of their sound. Listen below!

Marea is a special release because it is a 2-part single, featuring “Marea crescente” and “Bassa marea”. “Marea” is Italian for the movement of water, or tide, which plays a direct theme on both songs. “Marea crescente”, or rising tide, starts off quiet but upbeat, mimicking the slow burn of the fire rumbling inside. The track tussles, turns, and wanes as much as the oceanic giants themselves, and the feeling produced is entirely opposite to that of thalassophobia. The ascension of “Marea crescente” is apparent in the song structure as well, reaching an explosive summit by the last minute of the song – the fire inside is now released, showcasing the hallmark of a climactic end.

“Bassa marea”, or low tide, is the reprise of the Marea single. Dominated by strings and piano, this song feels much more relaxed and free-flowing, representing the calmer seas that glisten with light from the Moon. The violin and cello hold the listener’s attention on “Bassa marea”, making it a more neo-classically driven song than “Marea crescente”. This track might not be as energetic as its predecessor, but it is no less interesting because of it. Both songs show off the differing musical abilities of the band whilst finding a way to relate to a poignant theme of the sea. If the ocean itself has hardly been explored, I hope the same goes for Aesthesys. I am eager to discover more about the band’s music, whether it be uncharted territory or familiar waters, and Marea has left me hungry for more.

Marea is available for pre-order and will be officially out on May 30th:
More from Aesthesys: Website || Bandcamp || Spotify || Facebook || YouTube || Instagram
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