Exclusive Stream: 30,000 Monkies – Starrrrrrrring EP

Next week will see Belgian confetti-doom band 30,000 Monkies release their new EP through German boutique label Wolves and Vibrancy Records. We at Arctic Drones are slightly embarrassed, but totally excited to present you an EP with song titles such as Tom Wanxxx and Orlando Doom !

Humour in music is a delicate thing. It is not always appreciated by every listener. Especially when you’re looking for some heavy tones to chase away the blues. 30,000 Monkies have been exploring this fragile balance by marrying the sacral nature of doom metal with confetti-powered live shows, creating an alienating yet utterly satisfying experience. On STARRRRRRRRING the band somehow reverse this balance, infusing their music with hilarious lyrics about movie stars, while toning down on the packaging, moving away from bright pink and blue colours in preference of a more classy crimson.

Unlike their live set at last year’s Incubate Festival — which also contained four songs and lasted for over an hour — STARRRRRRRRING only endures for 13 minutes, taking up one side of a splendidly simple 10” record. Each of the four songs has its own face and the band happily switch back and forth between drone, doom, and hardcore punk. Despite the bold and daring start of Orlando Doom the listener finds himself adjusted to the harsh sonic language.

Keanu Riffs and Orlando Doom are excellent examples of total noise rock debauchery, but the real treasures of STARRRRRRRRING are to be found in the album’s final two songs. Sharon Drone’s short length and understated complexion may seem cute in comparison with her mastodont predecessors, but taken by themselves the low droning tones and slo-mo accordion give rise to an atmosphere not dissimilar to the actress’ mystery-laden performance in Basic Instinct. Likewise, Tom Wanxxx—in spite of its tongue-in-cheek song title—is actually very apt in conjuring the despair of a desperate Chuck Noland in search of his volleyball.

All in all, STARRRRRRRRING is a blameless exercise in dynamic composition. Being equal parts violent and subtle, its humorous overtones are accompanied by compelling atmospheres that seem to convey more serious matters. This EP situates itself somewhere between plain mockery and silent admiration, therewith obtaining a certain power to last.

STARRRRRRRRING will be released by Wolves and Vibrancy Records on the 27th of October. Available as a limited 10” vinyl (including download code), pre-orders can be placed through the label’s webshop.

More on 30,000 Monkies: Bandcamp || Facebook 

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