Exclusive Premiere: Poly-Math – Knight, Death and The Devil Pt. 1

It’s tremendous fun seeing a band evolve so quickly and decisively, and it’s all the more fulfilling when evidence of this evolution comes in the form of a live performance video. Poly-Math have had a steady yet spartan stream of short releases starting in 2013, culminating with the fantastic debut EP titled “Reptiles”, which was one of the most ferocious and outstanding records of 2015. That being said, “Reptiles” also felt much like a tribute, or at least an emphatic nod to the band’s influences, while displaying a clear will to break free of them and move beyond.

This is precisely what Poly-Math are doing with their most recent tracks, which they’ve been releasing in anticipation of their upcoming EP titled “Melancholia”, out April 8th. In fact, I’m going to engage in a bit of speculation and say that there might be something more consistent in the works, because this track isn’t included in the “Melancholia” Bandcamp track list, and the “Part 1” definitely makes one think of secret plans.

In any case, the track is a bold, loud and clear statement from the band, concrete evidence of spectacular growth, both in terms of compositional confidence, and in terms of live performance. A complex, textured and blistering track, in which the members of the Brighton trio seem to challenge each-other to keep up and release as much power as possible, offering a thoroughly rewarding build-up. They balance their technical proficiency with great narrative tension, never allowing themselves time to over-indulge in fiddly calculations – the result is a lean and fierce track which makes one just ache for more. Their energy is infectious, and it’s simply fascinating to see how easy and natural they perform in a live setting, without sacrificing any of the precision inherent to their music.

Enjoy “Knight, Death and The Devil Pt.1” and stay tuned for new material and a few surprises from Poly-Math. They obviously aren’t fooling around, and the next several months hold a lot of promise from them, based on this very effective teaser of a track.

Poly-Math will release their new mini-album ‘Melencolia’ on the 8th April 2016 via Superstar Destroyer Records. You can preorder the record now on CD, vinyl or digital download from HERE.
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