Exclusive Track Premiere: Man Mountain – Memory Trace

Monroe, Michigan instrumental band Man Mountain will release their debut full-length Infinity Mirror on March 16th via Spartan Records. Today, we’re happy to premiere the first single from the album, titled “Memory Trace”.

For a number of listeners, particularly outside of North America, the name Man Mountain may not yet resonate. However, this Monroe, Michigan quartet has been working with a constantly rising trajectory for some time now. Formed in 2012, they released their first material on an EP entitled To Call Each Thing By Its Right Name in May of 2013. After a period of silence they released a single track, “To Be Made As New” in 2015, which truly signalled their potential as a band to watch out for.

Since then Man Mountain has played a series of dates with artists such as Tides of Man, RANGES, Heron, Au Revoir, set and setting, A Film In Color and Staghorn, as well as a pre-dunk!usa showcase in Vermont with Lehnen. Full disclosure, I arranged the pre-dunk!showcase and can confidently say that Man Mountain captivated the crowd the moment they took the stage. They have now completed their first full length, Infinity Mirror, and are signed to Spartan Records in Seattle.

Today, we’re happy to premiere the first single from Infinity Mirror, titled “Memory Trace”. Spartan Records will be releasing the album in full March 16th [pre-orders here], and will also be releasing a re-mastered version of To Call Each Thing By Its Right Name with updated artwork. Listen below.

The band has noted that they wrote the album with the intention of capturing a different feeling and tone within each track; when I received the initial album cuts they were still using working titles like “Happy” and “Heavy.” The working title for “Memory Trace” was “Groovy,” which will certainly make sense once listeners begin to dig in to the track. It has the kind of indie rock swagger and gutty bass tones that could be likened to some of the more upbeat Death Cab For Cutie cuts, but there is also a swirling, dreamy quality to the guitar leads that lend a distinct post-rock sensibility to the track. “Memory Trace” eventually builds into a second half climax that rides on waves of hard-rocking guitars before settling back into revised, glitchier groove that carries the song to completion. As is the case with the other tracks on Infinity Mirror, repeated listens reveal a number of layers and elements that add to the listener’s enjoyment.

Infinity Mirror will be out on March 16th via Spartan Records.
Pre-orders are now available on http://spr.tn/infinity_mirror. All orders include an instant download of the song “Memory Trace” and To Call Each Thing By Its Own Name EP.
More from Man Mountain: Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 

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