Song Premiere: Glories – Bravo Sierra

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Glories’ new song “Bravo Sierra”. The song appears on the band’s upcoming record “There Is No Stillness,” which will be available for download, streaming and purchase on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon beginning January 20, 2017.

Physical and digital pre-orders for the album are now available via

When you think of American post-rock, your mind is typically drawn to the hotbeds of the genre – Texas, Chicago, the Pacific Northwest, or Massachusetts, for instance. It is unlikely that Birmingham, Alabama would appear anywhere near that short list, but there is a beacon shining from that unexpected city in the form of one of America’s truly underrated post-rock bands, Glories. The quartet’s last album, Put The Beast Out Of Mind, captured all of the aspects that make instrumental rock music special. Now they are re-emerging with their new LP There Is No Stillness, a 5-song, 40-minute monster that grabs a hold of the listener and never lets go, whether it is surveying thoughtful soundscapes or epic crescendos. Their sound adheres to classic post-rock conventions, but attacks them with aplomb and provides everything genre aficionados would hope for. Arctic Drones is proud to bring you the exclusive debut of “Bravo Sierra,” the lead single from There Is No Stillness.

“Bravo Sierra” functions as a dynamic table-setter for everything to follow, unfolding in three parts. It first cleanses your palette with pretty, picked guitars and effects-laden, drifting melodies, establishing a comforting tone before bursting forth into an inspiring central swell of soaring riffing and spirited leads. The song winds down with an atmospheric, electronic-tinged passage which establishes a sense of calm, though it glows with life, hinting at the evocative, emotionally-charged journey to come. Listeners can be assured that this isn’t one of those singles that exhausts all of the band’s tricks in one space. There Is No Stillness only ascends upward from this point, leading to a stunning climax that will place it in early discussion as one of 2017’s finest post-rock releases.

Pre-orders for There Is No Stillness begin today (January 12th) via Glories’ Bandcamp page, and the album releases in full on the 20th. That same day, “Bravo Sierra” will also appear on the Hemispheres comp, which will release as a free download on Bandcamp via A Thousand Arms, which is headed by CJ Blessum of the Bozeman, Montana post-rock band Ranges (disclosure: I am also assisting in assembling this comp).

More on Glories: Bandcamp || Spotify || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 
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