Song Premiere: Fox Territory – Calm Fragrance

Fast riffing, angular composition, expansive atmosphere, crystal clear production and sophisticated mood – all of these describe Fox Territory’s new track, “Calm Fragrance” in a nutshell. It’s a mouthwatering teaser for the Czech band’s upcoming album, and we’re very happy, nay – honored! – to present it to you as an exclusive.

It’s the seventh year Fox Territory have been around, working hard to establish a following through live shows and festival appearances. It’s high time for this highly technical and talented four-piece band from Brno to release an album, and if this first song is anything to go by, it won’t disappoint.

Managing an impressive high-wire balancing act between the ever-shifting, abstract geometry of math rock, and the emotional tension of jazz-fusion, Fox Territory give us a true measure of skill and inspiration on the paradoxically-named “Calm Fragrance”. Why paradoxical? Well, because on the surface, the track is anything but calm – dazzling drum work, bright guitars in a frenzied dialogue, almost intimidating sonic architecture, all burst forth without warning in a whirlwind of musical proficiency that seems engineered to quicken the pulse. And yet, it doesn’t take long for unforeseen depths to reveal themselves within the song, as all of this technical webbing allows glimpses of a vast atmospheric nucleus, a living, breathing compositional center which makes the frantic network of rhythms around it suddenly feel very thin and distant. This is a tricky track, apt to trap the listener into unfamiliar territory, and the band do a great job at making the experience feel adventurous and full of sparkle.

The surprise this track holds is made even greater by the previous material Fox Territory have shared, which has been substantially different in nature. Their renewed focus on instrumental music seems to have inspired them, and this effervescence is infectious. And while I haven’t learned a concrete date of release, I recommend you keep an eye out if you like this track as much as I do. According to the band, there will be one more single released before the album comes out. The omens are good, the wait is now as taut and tense as “Calm Fragrance” sounds. Enjoy.

More on Fox Territory: Facebook || Bandcamp || Soundcloud
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