Album Premiere: Death in Texas – Pause Between Breaths

Pause Between Breaths, the wonderful new full-length album by the London-based duo DEATH IN TEXAS premieres exclusively on Arctic Drones.


London based Kiwi expats released their first prog-heavy demo We Will Implode in 2011. After relentless gigging in London and the UK, a string of singles were released eventuating into the EP PLUCK in 2013. Exhausted with the live scene they retreated into their home studio for a year, writing and producing the music that would become their first album. Pause Between Breaths is a clear graduation from their former sound and approach.

From post-rock to trip-hop and everything in between, the duo manage to combine their eclectic influences to create a compelling album. Atmospheric and adventurous, the record explores disenchantment, apathy and ambition.

On the release of “Pause Between Breaths”, Death in Texas say:

“We wanted to create something that was honest, that we could be proud of in a few years time. This album is intended to be experienced as a whole: to sit down, read the lyrics, look at the artwork, be fully immersed as we all used to with albums when we were young. Pause Between Breaths is about stopping the constant buzz and finding a space to be still.”     


Released today, “Paused Between Breaths” is available to purchase from the following links:
Bandcamp | Itunes | Google Play | Amazon
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