Exclusive Single Premiere: Catholics – Love Growls the Unfortunate Truth

Debuts could take years of development, and the painstaking process could involve finding the right band members, the right sound, and even the right band name to represent your musical endeavors. Usually, most bands are forgiven for their early tapes and demos, knowing that it is only the start of what could become something bigger and better. However, when Catholics came to us with their debut single, I was immediately intrigued by the solidity and scope of their sound. Today, I am happy to present the first song from Catholics, “Love Growls the Unfortunate Truth”.

Catholics are a math/post-rock band from Charleston, South Carolina, but I would argue that they aren’t an easy band to define. Catholics wear many hats, and their genre pool includes math-rock, post-rock, emo, and even a touch of ambient. One might see this as aimless, but “Love Growls” prove that this band is far from it, providing a single that sounds like the culmination of musicians who set their egos aside for a common goal of making music that feels right to them. This song is a perfect window into the music that Catholics plan to pursue, and I am delighted to hear that a band so small can produce a sound so unabridged. 

What I enjoyed most about “Love Growls” is that it lets you glide atop the easy-going waters of the track rather than pummeling you under the current. The beginning ambience sets the tone for the tranquil nature of the song, and its cocooning melodies ooze fun and serenity. The buoyant drums and bass provide the perfect backbone for echoing guitars and melody motifs that are brought back throughout the song. Overall, the song speaks for itself, which is something that cannot always be said for bands at this point in their development. Catholics have shown that they have what it takes to be a refreshing band in their respective genres, and I am optimistic and excited to see where they go from here.

More on Catholics: Bandcamp || Facebook 

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