Exclusive: Bright Like the Sun – Jupiter

A year after the release of their self-titled album, Bright Like the Sun jumped back on the saddle to release “Jupiter”, a powerhouse of a track aimed to glow like the gas giant itself. This single is featured on a post-rock compilation titled “Open Language: Volume I” due out July 22nd.

CJ Blessum and David Zeidler teamed up to create “Open Language” with a mission to promote the post-rock presence on a local and global level. The compilation features two parts: Side A contains 17 songs from bands located in the United States, and Side B contains 17 songs from bands located internationally. The talent and magnitude of bands featured on this compilation is nothing short of spectacular for any post-rock fan, and many will see new and unfamiliar faces featured. To make things all the more exciting, bands Bright Like the Sun, Coastlands, Ranges, and Rhone have all cooked up new songs that are exclusive to this compilation for the time being, and all singles will be released in the weeks leading up to the release.

First up is Bright Like the Sun’s “Jupiter”, a slow-burning track that demands awe in the distorted synths that open up the song. “Jupiter” stands as tall as the planet itself, and the song’s grandiosity speaks to the behemoth that lies within our solar system. This single definitely represents a transformation of sound for the band, but their ever-changing style has been a big reason as to why they’ve gained my seal of approval. Nonetheless, “Jupiter” is equally beautiful and devastating, much like the planet it reflects.

“Open Language: Volume I” will be released as a free digital download on A Thousand Arms’ Bandcamp page July 22nd.

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