Exclusive Video Premiere: [ B O L T ] – ( 2 2 )

Photo by by Ole-Kristian Heyer

After several years spent in the realms of experimental doom and drone, Duisburg, Germany’s [ B O L T ] will be releasing their first full-length as a trio on November 10th, along with a vinyl edition on dunk!records. We are excited to bring you the exclusive debut of “( 2 2 ),” from their forthcoming LP ( 0 4 ).

If you could be so lucky as to have the opportunity to peer behind the curtain at the Arctic Drones mansion, you would undoubtedly find that the most consistently-satisfying genre of choice this year has been doomgaze and its various gloom-inspired cousins.

Today yet another giant yawns from the abyss to loom forebodingly above us all. Six years into their shadow-shrouded career, enigmatic German sludge purveyors [ B O L T ] are taking a step into the light with their dunk!records debut ( 0 4 ), or maybe it is more accurate to say that they are delivering their signature darkness to territories more accustomed to the safety of the day. Either way, any band that chooses to describe themselves as “opaque” and “tenebrous” demands to be further investigated.

It is appropriate that this debut is taking place so close to Halloween, because it is scary as hell. “( 2 2 )” is unquestionably the most melodically approachable song on the album, and even still is encased below a towering wall of blistering noise. “( 2 2 )” is awash with blast beats and string-punishing riffs, but there is a strange beauty to it all that is simultaneously disarming and absolutely entrancing. Also, at just under 8 minutes, it is by far the most easily digestible piece on the record. Its other two songs clock in at a combined 35 minutes, so suffice to say listeners are in for quite a journey. Make sure to stick around after “( 2 2 )” seems to conclude; the rumbling echoes and haunting dissonance – accompanied only by a single candle and what appears to be the antlers of some unnamed creatures hanging from rope – will give you a strong idea of what kind of tone to expect from the rest of ( 0 4 ).

For stretches of time it feels as if you are gazing into an oppressive oblivion while listening to an ambient haunted house soundtrack, only to have your senses rattled by swells of doom metal that can make a funeral dirge feel like light-hearted fun. So, obviously, there is plenty to enjoy here.

[ B O L T ]’s ( 0 4 ) will make its vinyl debut via dunk!records and will also appear on CD and cassette via Narshardaa Records later this year.
Vinyl pre-orders are up and running at dunkrecords.com/products/b-o-l-t-2-2-lp.
The album is also available to pre-order in CD from Narshardaa Records, and in a variety of CD and vinyl packs from the band’s webstore at wearebolt.bigcartel.com/category/0-4
More on [ B O L T ]: Website || Bandcamp || Spotify || Facebook || Instagram 

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