Exclusive Song Premiere: BLAK – Black Drips In The Sky – Overwhelming

Behind the scenes in the post-rock world, there has been growing talk of a stunning debut from a heretofore unknown Catalonian band that signed to Elusive Sound last year on the strength of a single song recorded for a short film by Miquel Casals entitled “Vostok.” This record, which has seemingly been in production for ages, has been both drenched in promise and draped in mystery. Months ago, Elusive Sound approached us with feverishly excited words about this band, simply called BLAK. We have now finally had the opportunity to listen to BLAK’s debut record “Between Darkness and Light,” and it is a testament to the vision and careful curation that Elusive puts into building its stable of artists.

Today we are pleased to finally bring you the first taste of BLAK’s densely-cinematic, beautifully-nuanced debut record, and urge you to keep its yet-to-be-announced release date in the front of your mind.

The debut track from their upcoming album reveals the appropriateness of the album’s title. “Black Drips in the Sky – Overwhelming” exists between the black and white, in the seams that pull together beauty and fury. It is astoundingly dramatic and thoroughly captivating. The ability to carefully and patiently craft soundscapes that are sonically intoxicating while inspiring the imagination to envision scenes unfolding behind closed eyelids belies their relative neophyte status in the genre. It is in possession of both ethereal passion and heart-stopping wrath, both of which finally intertwine during the richly dynamic, dramatic final crescendo. The presence of written passages that accompany each track on the album only serves to imbue even more thematic weight to the already richly-layered compositions. I have no doubt that “Between Darkness and Light” will be one of 2017’s most rewarding discoveries for post-rock fans, and will ultimately be tantamount to the year’s best releases.

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