Exclusive Premiere: Antethic – New Terrain

Arctic Drones is pleased to present the premiere of Antethic’s latest single, their cover of “New Terrain” by Mew.

Antethic are a four-piece post-rock/progressive rock band hailing from Saint Petersburg and have released 2 EPs, a remix album and their first full-length, “Origin”, over the course of their 3-year history.

The song, written and originally released by Danish prog-experimental band Mew, has been given a thorough reworking, showcasing Antethic’s progression towards a sound which they describe as “more solid, atmospheric and yet droning and humming”. 

The song is over twice as long as the original and benefits greatly from the band’s reinterpretation as well as some stellar vocal work from Spanish singer Emilia Bahamonde from the band Sexores, who makes a guest appearance.

Check it out below!

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