Sky Flying By – Detour

Ambient music is no stranger to the concept album, many records across the many ambient subgenera have worked with a unified focus from start…


Tallows – Waist Deep

Based out of Oklahoma City, Tallows haven’t really been around for too long really, and throughout the groups time together they appear to have…


Errors – Lease of Life

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action Records, Errors are an indie band with quite a distinctive sound, a sound that…


Monophona – Black on Black

Monophona are a trip-hop group with an interesting origin story. Initially starting out as a duo, the founding members had remarkably different musical backgrounds….


Hotel Neon – Hotel Neon

Hotel Neon are an ambient drone outfit comprised of twin brothers Michael and Andrew Tasselmyer who describe themselves as coming from somewhere between Washington…


Falcon Arrow – Tower

There’s always a worry in the back of my mind when a band comes about that consists of only a drummer and a bassist….