Valis Ablaze – Insularity

Hearing some bands for the first time can be a challenging, demanding listening experience as you try to understand their sound and figure out…



Landing in the sweet spot right in between rock and metal and between the “prog” and “post” prefixes, French quartet RIVIERE are sure to…


Hot Moth – Small Fires

Their bandcamp page has tags ranging from “alt-pop” to “progressive rock” to “pop punk”. Their description on the very same page simply reads “Riffs….


Boden – Boden

Post black metal is a sub-genre that’s seen real growth in the last few years, both in the range and quality of music it…


Digression Assassins – Merkaba

Digression Assassins – those who assassinate digression or assassins who digress? A question each of us must answer for ourselves by looking deep into…


Navelin – Side One

4am is a great time to listen to music. Some of my best listening experiences have come from lying in bed, headphones in, letting…