Jet Plane – Pipe Dream

I pretty much listen to music non-stop while I’m working. I always say that when I’m listening to a record that keeps me from…


KOVLO – Timelapse

I’ve always enjoyed late night hangouts: the kind filled with having a couple of friends over, drinking some beers and just keeping the night…

Interview: A Stroll Through 10 Years Of Caspian

“There’s a constant search for new sounds, at least guitar-wise (…) a search for different sounds through pedals, or through a technique, or through throwing a bunch of ice into a Starbucks cup and using it as a shaker (which I did on this last record). It’s keeping everything fresh in the form of new sounds. That’s one of the things that’s gonna keep us going and keep us excited for 10 more years, hopefully.”


As Seas Exhale – Voyager

Listening to As Seas Exhale’s Voyager gives the exact feeling you get when you’re leaving for a long trip. The band name calls to…


Spurv – Skarntyde

In a world where musical genres often blur across boundaries, it is both a challenge for a band and a pleasure for a music…