Arctic Drones is an independent online music magazine with a focus on a wide range of alternative music, dedicated to generating coverage for independent artists and labels. The range of covered genres includes instrumental rock, experimental rock, post-rock/metal, progressive rock/metal, djent, drone, noise rock, sludge metal, post-hardcore, shoegaze, ambient, neoclassical, electronica, IDM, downtempo, acoustic, indie, dream pop and folk among others. We highlight up-and-coming as well as established bands through music news, reviews, interviews, exclusive premieres, streaming playlists and more. 

We are now offering a range of advertising packages including banner ads and partnerships in order to cover the incidental running costs of the website. But first, take a look at the information below for some questions you might have.

How do I know if my advert will be accepted?

A core part of our existence is to promote only the music that we like and think should be heard by more people. Adverts are no exception in this sense. We will not be recommending an album, a concert, or any other music service that we don’t truly believe is worth our readers’ time or money. But if and once we agree on mutual taste, we will do our best to promote your music, event or campaign. Just send us your music or event info and please give us some time to check it out and get back to you.

What type of advertising do you offer? Where will my ad be placed in the magazine?

Mostly some attractive, clickable ad spots in the site, social media exposure, and partnership.

-Header (Top banner) ad: 345x120px, appears next to our logo on every page and post
-Side bar banner ad: 300x300px, 300x250px or 250x250px or smaller, appears on every page and post
-Single post, above or under the content: 690x120px or smaller, appears on every post

-Full-width clickable image on the homepage: 1050 x300px, appears under the slider on the homepage
-Featured video on the footer & pinned posts on social profiles

*We don’t offer annoying pop-ups or sprawling intrusive ads (we all hate them, right?). And again, for the reasons mentioned above, we do not flood the site with ads. This means your ad will not get lost in a crowded ad-environment.

**We currently accept ads in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats, animated or standard.

***We offer different packages with different rates and durations.

Contact us to learn more about clickable ad banners, long-term partnership opportunities and social media promotion.

Can I get information about your website stats?

The current readership on our website is:
600+ Unique visitors per day
4800+ Unique visitors per week
25.000+ Unique visitors per month

More detailed information and documentation on site stats and our target audience is available upon request.

How about advertising rates?

Drop us a line for detailed information via this page. However, let us state in advance that we do offer low prices because,

1-Funds raised through advertising are only used for hosting fees, site maintenance, upgrades and new add-ons.
2-Plus, we like to help independent musicians and labels, remember?

Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss your campaign details and for more information on what we can offer you.