Arctic Drones is an independent online music magazine with a focus on a wide range of alternative music including instrumental rock, experimental rock, post-rock, post-metal, progressive rock/metal, djent, drone, sludge, shoegaze, post-hardcore, sludge rock/metal, dream pop, ambient, indie, electronica, IDM, downtempo, acoustic, and neoclassical among others. Our goal is to help the music lover discover new and good music, and bands that have difficulty in reaching out to new listeners. On Arctic Drones you will find new music and videos from emerging artists, the latest news, album reviews, interviews, streaming playlists, exclusive premieres and more.


Launched in May 2014, Arctic Drones is a new web magazine with a small and friendly team. We are currently looking for writers, photographers, and editors who would like to work with us on a regular and voluntary basis. Feel free to drop us some feedback, or let us know if you'd like to contribute to our website in some way. Just visit the contact page to leave us a message.